7 Reasons Why Your Pet Needs a “Love My Pet” Wellness Plan

Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic of New Braunfels is pleased to offer Love My Pet Wellness Plans! Love My Pet Wellness Plans are a fantastic way to say ‘I love you’ to your pet with life-saving preventative care at a price point you’ll fall in love with. On the fence about whether a wellness plan can benefit your pet? Check out our list of reasons a Love My Pet Wellness Plan should be your next pet purchase!

  1. Customized care. Living in Texas? Your wellness plan may cover a precious rattlesnake vaccine. Your pet’s wellness plan is not only customized to their species and age, but also your pet’s unique lifestyle!
  2. Prevention save lives. Regular exams are the key to keeping your pet healthy and happy. The results of your pet’s lab tests and examinations make detecting changes in your pet’s health a breeze! If your pet gets sick, he or she will have access to treatment faster.
  3. Different pets, diverse needs. Love My Pet Wellness Plans aren’t one size fits all. Each wellness plan is tailored to your pet’s individual needs base on their age. Puppies may need behavioral counseling to learn to be a productive citizen, much like senior cats need thyroid screenings.
  4. Extra veterinary support. You will have extra peace of mind knowing your wellness plan includes more access to your veterinarian for questions or consultations.
  5. Discounts. Love My Pet Wellness Plans allow you to afford the very best for your pet by providing discounts on big procedures your pet may need like spay/neuter procedures, dental cleaning, and more!
  6. Monthly payments. Don’t stress over a big veterinary bill for vaccinations and an exam! Your monthly wellness plan payment will be the same whether your pet’s wellness exam includes several screenings and vaccines, or just a routine check-up.
  7. Wellness plans are not insurance. In the case of an emergency insurance is a must, wellness plans are a must for the vaccines, exams, and preventative services you were likely to purchase anyway.

What are you waiting for? Your pet’s worth a Love My Pet Wellness Plan. Sign up your pet at Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic of New Braunfels today!
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