Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic of New Braunfels

Gentle & Compassionate Senior Pet Care

With the expertise of committed professionals like Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic’s veterinarians and staff and the wonderful innovations in veterinary medicine, your pet can live a longer and healthier live. Even with these medical advancements, we know that your senior cat (seven years old or older) or senior dog (small dogs seven years old or older, large dogs five years old or older) may develop some health problems. In order to correct or lessen the severity of these problems, we recommend senior pet wellness care appointments every six months.

Senior pet wellness care appointments provide:

  • Wellness evaluations
  • Behavioral counseling and senior exercise advice
  • Chronic condition care and monitoring
  • Dental care and treatment
  • Diagnostic blood testing
  • Health certificates
  • Nutritional advice and weight management counseling
  • Pain management and prescription medications if needed
  • Parasite control and education
  • Referral to board-certified specialists if uncommon treatments are necessary
  • Senior pet health profiles
  • Treatment for acute illnesses or injuries
  • Compassionate and humane end-of-life services

Please be aware that your senior cat or dog’s behavior and diet may change as he or she ages. It’s important to take note of these changes and report them to the veterinarians and staff at Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic. Behavior and diet changes might indicate a serious but treatable injury or illness. Our partnership with you will give your beloved senior pet the best veterinary care possible.